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Sizes cm inch
S 20x30 8x12
M 30x45 12x18
L 40x60 16x24
XL 50x55 20x30
2XL 60x90 24x36
3XL 70x105 28x42
4XL 55x120 32x48
A5 14.8x21 5.8x8.3
A4 21x29.7 8.3x11.7
A3 29.7x42 11.7x16.5
A2 42x59.4 16.5x23.4
A1 59.4x84.1 23.4x33.1
A0 84.1x118.9 33.1x46.8

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Someone purchased15 days ago from Berlin, Germany

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