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FAQ - The Vintage Travel Poster Company

What does "vintage travel poster" means?

That's how we call our posters style! We make travel posters with a vintage look and spirit. 


How much are the shipping fees? Can I get delivered for free?

All our posters (without frame) prices include worldwide eco shipping without tracking. Standard shipping with tracking or express shipping are also available from checkout.


How long will it take after order and payment to get my product delivered?

  • CLASSIC poster : 6-7 days after order confirmation
  • CLASSIC poster+frame : 8-9 days after order confirmation
  • ART / AMERICAN BOX with HARD BOARD poster : 9-10 days after order confirmation
  • Express : J+2 for orders confirmed before 11am (surcharge)


What if my product is delivered damaged?

Even if our partners take the best care of our products while packing them and delivering to your door, if the product is damaged and as our prices include shipping and insurance, your product will be refunded or replaced. Please check all packages at delivery and don't accept them if the box is damaged.


What is lamination / laminated film?

The print whether on paper or forex board is covered with a plastic film which brings a protection for the poster and colors and an anti-reflective effect.


What is HARD BOARD / FOREX™ board ?

It's a trademark for the finest white rigid PVC foam sheets. The FOREX™ boards used for My Retroposter prints are 5mm thick and are UV resistant. Thanks to its fire protection certification (B1 according to DIN 4102), Forex is particularly well suited for use at exhibitions and also in public spaces such as restaurants, hotels, shops, etc.

We call it HARD BOARD as it's a rigid board in opposition with SATIN and MATTE paper posters.


I have a hotel and I would like My Retroposter to create unique designs for us to sell posters and postcards, is it possible?

Yes, we are already working with hotels and restaurants to create bespoke dedicated designs of posters and postcards. Please send us an email to get a quote.


I want to offer a personalised poster for a friend's birthday, is it possible?

Totally! A custom design created from your own picture and with your titles/texts will add an extra 50€ to the price of the equivalent product in the catalog. Please check all info and order from CUSTOM POSTER



If your question is not listed, please send us an email.