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What does "retro poster" means?

That's how we call our vintage poster style! We make travel posters with a vintage look and spirit. 


When will I get charged for my purchase?

As soon as you validate your purchase, the funds are "ready to be debited from your account". Your purchase is debited when we send your order to production.


How much are the shipping fees? Can I get delivered for free?

All our rolled posters (without frame) prices include worldwide eco shipping without tracking. Standard shipping with tracking or express shipping are also available from checkout.


    What if my product is delivered damaged?

    Even if our partners take the best care of our products while packing them and delivering to your door, accidents happen. Hence if the product is damaged, it will be replaced or refunded.
    Please check all packages at delivery and don't accept them if the box is damaged or opened so that it gets automatically returned by the shipping carrier.


    What if I make a mistake on the delivery address?

    If a parcel can't be delivered because the address on the order was not accurate or was incomplete, the parcel will be sent back to the printing lab. Once returned, the customer will need to pay for the new shipment.


    What if my parcel is lost?

    If you have selected the standard or express shipping options and your parcel is declared lost, it will either be printed and shipped again or reimbursed.
    For free eco delivery, as those parcels are not tracked, we can't take responsibility if they are lost or stolen during shipping or after delivery.


    What is lamination / laminated film?

    The print whether on paper or Gator board (our postel panel) is covered with a plastic film which brings a protection for the poster and colors and an anti-reflective effect.


    I have a hotel and I would like My Retroposter to create unique designs for us to sell posters and postcards, is it possible?

    Yes, we are already working with hotels and restaurants to create bespoke dedicated designs of posters and postcards. Please send us an email to get a quote.


    I want to offer a personalised poster for a friend's birthday, is it possible?

    Totally! We can either customize an existing poster  or create a 100% custom/personalised poster from you picture and text. Please check all info and order from our CUSTOM POSTER section


    How can I make sure that my poster is a genuine Retro Poster?

    Feel free to send us a picture by email and we'll help you ensure the poster is an original. Additionally all limited editions come with a certificate of authenticity (which is optional for Original Editions). You'll find more info here


    If your question is not listed, please send us an email.

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