A Vintage Travel Inspired Style

If you don't take a close look at Alecse's Vintage Travel Posters, you can't really understand the artist's work. His limited edition posters featuring iconic destinations are not photos or paintings but something in between with a pure poster DNA.

Alecse defines his creations as emotional memories of places. He doesn't aim at representing things as they really are but more like we would remember them. A slightly blur and colorful but faded impression that conveys emotions beyond the eyes.

One could recall the heat or the coldness felt, the smells or the noises associated with a place they love. Alecse's Travel Posters, with their very own particular style, succeed in blending more than visual information.

And the final halftone render that the artist applies to his creations and which mimics how posters used to be printed back in the days, is the last but not the least effect. The purposed lack of sharpness is the key to suggesting and not imposing a memory. In the end, every one of us, has his own reading of his artworks like we all have unique mental keepsakes.


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