Alecse, French travel poster artist in Sri Lanka in 2018

Alecse's travel posters are a refreshing and captivating take on the vintage travel art genre.

Through His unique blend of photography and digital painting, Alecse developed a style that is both modern and timeless. He designs posters that capture the essence of each destination in a very unique way.

What sets Alecse's art apart is his use of soft focus and vintage effects, which make his posters seem like long-lost memories from a bygone era. This technique is both subtle and effective, creating an ambiance that transports the viewer to another place and time. The result is a truly remarkable image that captures the imagination and creates a sense of nostalgia for places we may never have visited.

Alecse's work is extremely effective in adding an exotic and wanderlust flair to any interior. He is definitely a rising talent in the world of decorative art, and his posters are a must-have for anyone with a passion for travel and design.



Alecse is a French artist and entrepreneur, born into a family with a deep-rooted passion for art and architecture. With his father, an optical surrealist painter, and his grandfather, who designed major buildings worldwide, Alecse's artistic talent and eye for design were honed from an early age. He has lived in major cities such as Paris, New York, and Los Angeles and spent time in Sri Lanka and South Asia. Along with his creative endeavors, he has worked as a creative director and also started several companies. He has created the most exhaustive collection of travel posters, with over 100 countries covered and counting. His posters are featured in major French deco and fashion magazines, travel guides, and can be seen in hotels, shops, company headquarters, architects' showrooms, and even in movies.



Read Alecse's travel poster artist interview for Rev'n Travel


Rev'n Travel: Your posters have a distinct vintage feel to them. What draws you to this style?

Alecse: I love the nostalgia and romanticism of vintage travel posters from the mid-20th century. They capture a time when travel was more about the journey and the experience, rather than just getting to a destination as quickly as possible. I try to capture that same feeling in my posters, while also bringing a modern twist to the design.


Vintage Travel Posters by Alecse


Alecse creates custom / commissioned posters for clients all around the world

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