How to create a personalised map


Select the size of your personalised map poster and place your order.

This Custom Map Poster Creation is a full inclusive package (satisfied or money back) with no hidden costs to create, print and deliver a stylish personalised map art print anywhere in the world. It includes :

  • Creation of a poster from your materials and/or ideas
  • printing of 1 poster (extra copies can be ordered later in the process)
  • Worldwide eco shipping 



Customization options for personalised map : area, color, effect, landmark, texts

Upon confirmation of your order, we'll send you an email requesting the elements that will allow Cha to start working on your project and deliver a tailor made poster.

The address you will provide will be the central point of the map and we will choose the radius that looks the best together. If you are wanting a whole city or town and desire a specific radius rather than Cha’s artistic interpretation, please provide a screenshot using google maps. 

choose the main color of the personalised map

Please note that the bigger the area (the more zoomed out) the less details there will be on the map and smaller roads might not be visible.

Choose the vintage effect - custom map of any city or area



Within 48 hours, Cha will send you a first proposal and ask you to get back to her. From your feedback she will prepare and send, within another 24 hours, a new proposal if needed. Once again your feedback will help her finalise your perfect map poster.

Should you not find any proposal that suits your expectations, you may call it off at anytime at this stage. We'll send you a FULL refund within 24 hours. Satisfaction guaranteed! No question asked!



Once you have selected and confirmed the final custom map design, it will be sent to production, printed on EMA Paper with FineArt process and shipped to your address.

The Custom Map Poster should be delivered within 5-7 days in Europe, Australia, Canada or USA and up to 2 weeks for other countries and remote destinations.



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