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Travel pack of 5 or 10 postcards


All our posters are finally available in 10x15cm postcard size. They can be ordered in pack of 5 or 10 travel postcards. Compose your custom pack with your favorite destinations.

Our postcards are printed on super thick Premium quality Mohawk paper 324gsm, exclusively in the United Kingdom and Netherlands (for all EU orders). We hope to be soon able to produce them in our partner US facility soon.

Back side of our postcards


Compose your pack yourself! We don't offer ready made packs, you choose your favorite postcards.
To order any poster design as a postcard, simply copy-paste the name or SKU of each poster in the comment field (notes) of your postcard pack order and that's it.

How to order your favorite postcards

All postcards packs ship free of charge with tracking, exactly like posters.

Creating a travel wall has never been so affordable than with those packs : You can find cheap packs of frames on Amazon to easily hang and create great composition on your walls. Frames packs can be found as low as 15€ on Amazon.

We recommend that you favorite all designs that you want by clicking the "♡ add to wishlist" under the add to cart button. So that you can see them all together on your wishlist page and copy paste their title (or sku) in the notes field.

Compose your postcards pack with the wishlist | you can send us the screenshot

Alternatively you can also send us the screenshot of your favorites by email after passing your order. Don't forget to mention your order number in the subject of the email. Make sure that the number of favorites in your screenshot matches the number of postcards ordered not to delay the production.

Order your postcards pack now!

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