How to pick the right poster for someone else?

Pick his/her favorite vintage travel poster


A beautiful and stylish, meaningful and durable gift

A vintage travel poster is a great gift to offer as they not only look good and bring an extra "cachet" to any room, but also stand out from other gifts by their shape or size (a carton tube for rolled posters or a big box for framed ones).

Not to mention that a vintage travel poster can easily last a lifetime :  it is not a disposable gift and will be probably hung for years if not decades on the receiver's home walls.

But the main thing remains in our eyes, that it's a gift with a meaning if not a message, which will remain as long as the poster is hung... and that's where picking the right poster is important.


Here are a few things/tips you could consider to help you make the right choice :

- Where did you met or spent the most memorable moments together?
We have 550+ poster designs, we most probably have it and if not, do not hesitate to make suggestions to pamela as depending on work load and demand, we might be able to release missing places' posters. 

- Where does the receiver comes from? Was he born in a different city or area from the one he/she currently lives in? Where does he live now? Where does he spend his holiday? What would be his dream destination?
Would a vintage poster from that place be a good gift idea?

- What's the theme or the dominant/favorite colors of the receiver's home sweet home? If he has decorative details from one specific country or one part of the world, this can also be a good tip to help you choose. If not finding a poster whose colors match the receiver's interior is a good point.


Example :

For someone who loves New-York and has an interior with a dominant colour of blue or brick in his house decor, this poster could be your best pick :

Manhattan New-York Vintage poster

  • If you can't find the right vintage travel poster, you can also consider having us create a fully personalised poster following your requirements : You can provide us with the name of the place, city, country, your own picture, your texts and labels...
    More info on personalised poster here
  • And if you are still unsure, the poster gift card is your best option. You can't be wrong with it as you are literaly giving the gift of choice. The receiver will be able to choose his very own favorite travel poster from all our collections.
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