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Old Pink Leopard


We are very happy to announce that myretroposter.com is now the official distributor of the art prints created by Shree for the Great Indian Decor. This indian Matchbox inspired collection revisits the country's pop graphic design and heritage through different series of posters which will look great in an entrance hall, living room, bedroom but even in a kitchen with the Indian Spices series and the bathroom with the Seashells series.

Indian Spices poster collection

We really fell in love with her colorful universe which will talk not only to those who've been travelling through india but to all who love the pop culture and will  appreciate the highly decorative touch they'll bring to all styles of interior.

Seashell Posters Collection


Those posters are on a launch promotion until black friday so it's definitely the right moment to shop some, as they will for sure make highly appreciated gift for your family, whether wife and kids or even grandma and your aunties.

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If any of these catches your eye, take prompt action, as these limited edition retro posters may sell out quickly