Get a free vintage travel design for your hotel or restaurant

MyRetroposter is offering a free vintage travel design to any hotel or restaurant anywhere around the world!

The process can’t be more easy and is absolutely free and without any commitment to buy anything.

  • Having your place / business posterised will get you additional online visibility as all posters are listed on MyRetroposter and indexed on all major search engines.
  • You’ll also be able to share it on your social media for even more visibility amongst your own audience.
  • Not only this could bring you more customers but it might also drive more business, as you would be entitled to buy posters and postcards at a special B-to-B rate so that you can retail them in your shop, lobby, reception…
  • But the benefits don’t stop there : With a special discount code, your customers could get 5% off on their orders online and you would get a 10% cash back on all those sales.
  • Enjoy the advantages of the best form of merchandising bringing you an extra income while contributing to your global communication : You cash approximatively 1 to 2$ per poscard, while having your client sending/sharing a beautiful design and amazing vector of reputation for your company. 


Easy as ABC :


  • You send us a picture in high def of your hotel, restaurant, … by email to with “Free Vintage Design CHR”

  • We can add your company/property name (please send us the font if needed)
  • MyRetroposter creates one or more designs and send them back to you so you can submit eventual remarks to help us finalise the best design.

  • The design gets listed on our online store and indexed on major search engines boosting your visibility on the Web.

  • Your place vintage travel poster is now available to be purchased online by anyone who likes it.

  • You get a special discount code for your guests who can purchase it with 5% off, while 10% of the amount will be credited to your account balance as a partner.

  • Which means, you can also order your custom design without paying the creation fees while getting 10% off the online retail price.

  • If you don't like the design, we won't publish it


If you want to have some postcards and/or posters to sell directly on your premise, you’ll get access to the B-to-B wholesale rates, adding a new source of income to your turnover and boosting your chances of getting online sales at the meantime.


That’s what we call a “win-win-win opportunity”!


Immediate benefits :


  • Get a custom design for your property for free
  • Get more exposure on the Web through our Website and social networks publications (Instagram, Facebook, …)
  • Offer 5% off to your guests and customers if they order online
  • Get 10% cash back on their orders
  • Order a poster to showcase in your premise for decoration purpose with 10% off online price
  • Get access to our special wholesale rates to retail postcards and posters in your premise.
  • Use a digital copy of your design for online communication on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest…


No Risk


  • Absolutely none as this offer doesn’t require you to pay or order anything
  • You don’t need to share any credit cards details
  • You don’t commit to anything but to have your approved design sold online


Useful information


  • We process the demands by chronology, so the sooner you submit your picture, the sooner you’ll get your personalised design
  • MyRetroposter will keep all rights on the vintage travel design created
  • You will get an optimized digital copy of the design that you can freely use for your online communication
  • You may submit more than one picture but only one will be treated free of charge
  • Please submit wide framing of your property, high definition pictures and preferably portrait format images.
  • MyRetroposter may offer “fast lane” processing options, additional paid personalised designs
  • MyRetroposter doesn’t commit to keep this offer permanently and can’t guarantee any treatment delays.


About MyRetroposter :

MyRetroposter is the Vintage Travel Poster Company and already offers more than 500 original retro style designs, that are sold all around the world to individuals and companies. Some of our designs are already featured in 5 stars hotels /Relais Chateaux but also in Boutique Hotels in the most picturesque travel destinations.



We truly think this is an opportunity you shouldn’t let go and that you should send us your picture at the earliest to be amongst the first beneficiaries of this offer.



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