buy a limited edition poster : 300 original prints or less (collectors' editions)


As we believe that art should remain somehow exclusive, all the posters sold by Myretroposter are limited to 300 prints maximum per original edition. Considering that we sell them all around the world, it means that you have little chances to see the one you own somewhere else.

All vintage travel posters created by Alecse and the vintage posters from The Great Indian Decor™️, The Wanderer Maps™️ and Vintage Exotics™️ will only be sold to 300 copies (not numbered) including all sizes but the postcards.

Myretroposter also offers collectors' editions which are limited to 50 or 20 prints (rarely 100) available in one size only (usually XL or 2XL), which are numbered and signed by the artist, and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Hence the pricing and value of our posters may appreciate over time and the availability of some sizes may be limited.

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  • Lynne Du Plessis On

    What a fantastic poster!! Ordered this poster 2XL of my ex home town on gator board and it is totally amazing. Efficient, quick and friendly is how I would describe this company. A VERY BIG thank you!!

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