Wether you are ordering too late or you're afraid that you won't be delivered on time, the poster Gift Letter is a pretty good plan B.

It can be requested by email to and will be sent by email with your personalized message shortly after reception.

Upon reception you can :

1º Send it by email to the recipient

2º Print it (at home or in a copy center), then wrap it and set it under the Christmas tree.

In your email, please indicate your order number, desired template (1 or 2) and personalization text (to: name of recipient, message, from: your name)




Poster Gift Letter Template 1



Poster Gift Letter - Template 2

Someone purchased11 days ago from Zurich, Switzerland
Someone purchased12 days ago from Dubaï, UAE
Someone purchased13 days ago from Lisbon, Portugal
Someone purchased14 days ago from Madrid, Spain
Someone purchased15 days ago from Barcelona, Spain
Someone purchased16 days ago from Los Angeles, USA
Someone purchased17 days ago from West Hollywood, USA
Someone purchased18 days ago from Beverly Hills, USA
Someone purchased19 days ago from San Francisco, USA
Someone purchased20 days ago from Sydney, Australia
Someone purchased21 days ago from Cape Town, South Africa
Someone purchased22 days ago from Auckland, New Zealand
Someone purchased23 days ago from Melbourne, Australia
Someone purchased24 days ago from Marseille, France
Someone purchased25 days ago from Lyon, France
Someone purchased26 days ago from Lille, France
Someone purchased27 days ago from Miami, USA
Someone purchased28 days ago from Geneva, Switzerland
Someone purchased29 days ago from Utrecht, Netherlands
Someone purchased1 day ago from Chicago, USA

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