All our vintage posters are signed under the last big letter of the down side title with the Designer Name, MyRetroposter, date and copyright. 

Original Editions show the letters O.E.

Limited Editions show the letters L.E., are numbered (1/50ex, ...) and signed by the artist 

All our Original Edition Posters and Personalised Posters are created by a human artist not by an artificial intelligence, and as we have noticed that some people are trying to imitate our posters' style, we constantly try to make them harder to counterfeit and easier to recognize.

MyRetroposter sells its Original Art Prints on, Etsy and some selected shops and Concept stores around the world. If you are about to purchase one from an individual or a reseller and want to make sure that it is an original, get in touch with us and we will help you authenticate it.


Nevertheless to help you assess on your own if an Art Print is genuine or not, we recommend that you pay a special attention to the signature.

To help you do so, please find here under our signature evolution since 2018 : (from newest to oldest)

Original Edition Poster - MyRetroposter - Signature 2020

Original Edition Poster - MyRetroposter - Signature 2019-2020

Original Edition Poster - MyRetroposter - Signature 2019

Original Edition Poster - MyRetroposter - Signature 2019

Original Edition Poster - MyRetroposter - Signature 2018


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