Looking for artists and poster designers

My Retroposter is looking for talented designers and artists to showcase their work on our platform both in permanent collection and for special non permanent exhibitions.

My Retroposter will bring you exposure and handle all commercial, technical and delivery aspects on a shared revenue based deal.

The only thing, you'll have to do is to provide us your best creations*1, Poster only*2, with a written agreement allowing us to promote and commercialize them. This contract will also define the shared revenue agreement and your share of profits on every single sale realized through My Retroposter online shop.

All your designs will be signed with your name or artist name :

  • directly on the poster in the lower right corner
  • on the product page on the Website under the poster's name

To submit your creations, send us an email with 2 to 3 poster designs with a size of 500 x 750 pixel and maximum resolution of 72 dpi (Web). We will get back to you within 48 hours.


*1 We'll only accept designs that you have created and on which you have the full rights and credits for a commercial use. In case you work with pictures coming from Images Bank, you'll either have to use CC0 Public Domain images which are free for personal and commercial use with no attribution required or prove that you have paid the relevant rights of use.

*2 Only posters type prints are eligible and will be considered to be featured on My


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