CUSTOM DEMAND : 100% personalised service

You have an idea, we can turn it into a reality...

... by creating the very product you are looking for. We can create personalised vintage poster designs for all kind of personal or business needs, produce and deliver postcards, posters, stickers, phone cases, bags and shirts.

If you have a very specific demand like fully tailor made poster, customisation of an existing poster, large quantities, full ownership of the design... at My Retroposter, we pride ourselves for being able to create and supply fully tailor made vintage posters that will match all your expectations,
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Here is the list of everything we can do bespoke :

  • Personalised design using your own pictures or favorite themes or ideas
  • Personalised medium (Dibon, Plexiglass, Canvas...)
  • Personalised captions / text
  • Sizes of prints and frames
  • Type, color, thickness of frames
  • Glossy or Matt finish
  • With or without "passe-partout"
  • Standard or Express delivery
  • Wholesale price
  • Worldwide delivery

A custom order cycle from order confirmation to delivery of your custom vintage poster at your door takes about 6 to 18 days depending on complexity.

Send us your detailed request and we will get back to you within 48 hours to schedule a call meeting (Zoom or WhatsApp)


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