Now all posters ship with tracking for free

St Barth Landing by Alecse, poster of St Barthelemy

As you may know, since the beginning of the Covid pandemic, we had systematically upgraded all our rolled posters shipping from free eco to standard with tracking.

What was a temporary measure to ensure you would receive your posters in the best possible conditions is now the rule : When you order a rolled poster with us, it will ship free with a tracking number.

Posters ordered in UK will continue to ship with RM24 which has proven to be extremely reliable and fast. Please keep in mind that the tracking number for those orders is a receipt and proof of expedition.

Hence wherever you are ordering from, your order is insured : If it's not delivered, we'll replace it at the earliest. Depending on your country, parcels will be declared lost if not delivered between 2 weeks and 1 month.

Postcards packs are also shipping free of charge. Unfortunately, due to important differences of price for frames and panels, the shipping remains calculated at checkout.


Illustration : St Barth Landing, travel poster by Alecse

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