PhotoBoss Bali Indonesian Surf Poster Collection by Alecse

Keramas Wave Hunter Surf Poster


A little more than a year after launching, we are excited and proud to present our first Collaborative Collection with PhotoBoss Bali.

In 2019, Alecse, who has been designing all our posters, stumbled across what he describes as one of his favorite surf photo on Instagram from well known "local" British photographer Luke Cromwell aka PhotoBoss Bali.

"I was just stoked as, like many of us, I've seen so many surf and barrels pictures in recent years in magazines and on social networks, including some really great ones, but I must admit this very one had something special. The barrel is not of those dreamy perfect stand up ones but probably required even more control  and commitment, a tension Luke perfectly captured on his shot. Pepen Hendrik's facial expression fuels the image and creates a real momentum.

Pepen Hendriks by Alecse & PhotoBoss Bali

His posture impersonates a form of bravery like if he was a wave gladiator. It also reminded me of the Silver Surfer cartoon character's stance and I immediately wanted to turn it into a poster. Then I got in touch with Luke to show him a first draft I had prepared. I was so glad when he told me he liked it very much and was keen for a collaboration..."


Alecse quickly started putting together a full collection on the theme of Surfing and Indonesia by thoroughly  selecting 12 photos amongst Luke Cromwell's work. Then it took nearly 6 months to create and finalise the posters.

This collection of 13 posters comprising 12 limited-to-50 editions and 1 classic retro poster will take you from Java to Bali, to Lombok and to the iconic Mentawai islands, all over Indonesia.

We are very happy and proud to present this brand new exclusive collection of Vintage Travel Posters and we really hope you'll like them as much as we do.

Discover the full PhotoBoss Bali Surf Poster Collection 


PhotoBoss Bali on Instagram : @photobossbali

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