Covid update


MyRetroposter rely on a centralised network of federated printers based in UK, Netherlands, USA and Australia, and as long as they are operating, we will be able to cater all of your orders : Classic edition travel poster, limited edition travel poster, custom/personalised poster and corporate posters.


If you want to order a vintage travel poster, here is what you need to know :

1º Shipping delays might be longer than usual

2º We won't be able to ship to China and potentially more countries in the upcoming days. But if we can't ship to your country, we won't confirm your command and accept the payment. You'll be notified within 24 hours if we need to cancel your order.

3º As we believe that transparency is all, better than rephrasing it, here is the message we received from our supplier :

" ... we are taking a number of precautions, and mitigating actions; including:

  • Reiterating good personal hygiene for all staff
  • Focus our daily cleaning on communal areas
  • Awareness of staff and visitors who may have been exposed to high risk areas 
  • Performed diligence on our supply chain to proactively mitigate delays
  • Advanced and regularly updated contingency planning in our supply chain
  • Worked with our teams to ensure our staff are aware of government protocols

I reiterate that it is business as usual unless communicated to you otherwise. However, in the event that the situation escalates and may lead to any disruption to Production Operations, I will immediately inform you. If at any point Service Levels look as if they may be compromised, we will work with you to prioritise any product lines that you consider to be most important. We believe that the actions we are taking will minimise the chance of escalation but should this happen we will work closely with you to reduce any customer impact.

I will of course keep you updated and give you as much advanced warning as possible. In the unlikely event of having to make any decisions that may impact your business, we will work with you collaboratively to keep any disruption to a minimum."




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